Terms & conditions of entry

  1. By registering for The TCS New York Marathon 2017 (and paying your £295 non-refundable entry fee) you are pledging to raise at least £1800 (minimum sponsorship) for The National Autistic Society which you undertake to send to the National Autistic Society with at least 50% by 4th August 2017, a further 20% by 30th September and the remainder no later than four weeks after the event.  
  2. You agree to represent and raise money exclusively for the National Autistic Society in this marathon.
  3. Of sponsorship monies raised, £804 will be used to cover the costs associated with your participation in this challenge. The remainder of your minimum sponsorship amount, £996 and any additional funds raised will go directly towards the work of the National Autistic Society, and cannot be restricted to any particular programme, service or branch.   
  4. You must ensure that your sponsors are aware that part of your minimum sponsorship will cover your challenge costs. Some participants choose to pay their challenge costs themselves, so they can tell their sponsors that all their money is going to the National Autistic Society and ensuring that, in appropriate cases, we can recover gift aid.
  5. Should you have to withdraw for any reason, you should inform us in writing, send all sponsorship forms and money collected directly to the charity, and notify your sponsors that you are no longer taking part. All sponsorship monies will be retained by the National Autistic Society unless your sponsors request in writing that the National Autistic Society return it to them within one month of your cancellation (not applicable for online donations).
  6. If you withdraw from the challenge after Friday 4th August 2017, you will be asked to pay an administration fee of £804 or assist with a personal travel insurance claim so that National Autistic Society does not lose money invested in the event and used to support your place.
  7. The organiser, New York Road Runners, specialises in challenges of this nature and is solely responsible for organising and running the event, including the safety of participants. Neither the National Autistic Society nor NYRR will accept liability for any injury, loss or damage unless it arises from the negligence of the National Autistic Society or NYRR as the case may be.
  8. The swapping or sale of race numbers is strictly prohibited for reasons of safety and primarily for identification by medical staff
  9. You should take out personal injury insurance covering you to take part in this event.
  10. You must complete the race on foot and not introduce any wheeled vehicle.
  11. You must not suffer from alcohol or drug dependency, nor have any criminal convictions that are not disclosed at the time of applying to participate.
  12. You will be responsible for providing your own personal equipment.   
  13. You must be at least 18 years old before the departure date of the event.
  14. We advise that you train for the event and prepare for your challenge. If you have not exercised for some time, you should consult your doctor for a check-up and abide by any advice given.
  15. I hereby agree that images or footage taken of me on at the event may be used by the National Autistic Society in future promotional material including our websites, social media and charity magazines and reports, unless stated otherwise. (If you are under the age of 18 a parent or guardian can contact us on your behalf: events@nas.org.uk)
  16. I agree that through signing up to this event I am representing the National Autistic Society and abide to the charities values. The National Autistic Society reserve the right to reject at any time any applicants/participants that are poorly representing the charities values or who are believed to be fraudulent. The National Autistic Society will not be liable in any way to costs associated with the event that may be lost due to the rejection.

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